Art for Surgeries

Jenny Rowbory is a young British woman who suffers from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (inflammation of the brain and spinal cord). She has been bed-bound for the last sixteen and a half years. In May 2015, Jenny was also diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. This genetic disorder causes the body to produce faulty collagen. The biggest problem forContinue reading “Art for Surgeries”

Spaß in der Schule

 “Wir haben es mit einem Barden zu tun, mit einem jener Dichter, die fest davon überzeugt sind, Kinder sollten vor allem eins haben: ihren eigenen Kopf. Nach dem dritten Akkord stellt sich zudem heraus: Gerald Jatzek hat den Dreh raus, er weiß, wie Kinder aus der Reserve zu locken sind, und nimmt sofort Kontakt zuContinue reading “Spaß in der Schule”


“ “Komm! ins Offene, Freund!” lautet der Beginn eines unvollendeten Gedichts von Friedrich Hölderlin, das – offenbar – auch die Redaktion der Jahresschrift Das Gedicht angeregt hat. Die einflussreichste Lyrikpublikation des deutschen Sprachraums feierte im Herbst 2022 ihren 30. Geburtstag. Das Motto der Jubiläumsausgabe lautet offen. Es gibt nur wenige Wörter im deutschen Sprachschatz, dieContinue reading “Offenheit”

Political Art

Words against system’s headaches/ Words for new utopia is the title of an exhibition in Namur. The show was curated by Laurent Wilmet and Anne Gilis for the the Belgian educational movement CEPAG. They state: “Indeed, words are not innocent. Words are not neutral, they are socially situated and criticism of their use, of theirContinue reading “Political Art”

Helping Brautigan out

Richard Brautigan’s poetry was anything but academic. When he was not trying to write koan-like lines – “I learned Buddhism by watching”, he reported – he was always good for  a nonsense verse. Several poems with titles above white space combine these approaches. In The Amelia Earhart Pancake he talks about his vain efforts toContinue reading “Helping Brautigan out”

Possibilities of the Body

How do we use our bodies to work, to perform, to create, to play, to compete, to unwind, to care for others, to build, to communicate, to hike, or to accomplish any of the tasks we confront in everyday life? How do we use our elbows, our feet, our hands, our torso, our ankles, ourContinue reading “Possibilities of the Body”

70 x Endurance

Serlina Rose is a poetess and writer from the Caribbean island of Dominica. When she is not working on her own stories and poems, reading, or sharing ideas and opinions on social media channels, she is compiling anthologies. Recently, she edited a truly international compilation on the subject of endurance for an Indian publishing house.Continue reading “70 x Endurance”

On the Outside

Senza traccia / Without a trace is the title of a mail art exhibition in Casole d’Elsa, a municipality in the Province of Siena in the region Tuscany.  The aim of the show is to draw attention to persons that are isolated and marginalized. The works cover a broad variety of art forms like drawings, photography and poetry andContinue reading “On the Outside”

Bellezza naturale

The mail art call bellezza (beauty) is part of a series cultural and artistic projects named voci di notte (voices of the night) of the echorama A.P.S. association. The theme which includes all the possible meanings of beauty was chosen to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the ratification of the World Heritage Convention, adopted byContinue reading “Bellezza naturale”


Recently, two of Gerald’s texts were published nearly simultaneously in Austria and the US. The literature magazine Book of Matches has included the poem Farewell Song in its spring issue (no. 5). It features prominently as the last text of the publication. The first issue was published in January 2021. The journal is edited byContinue reading “Bilingual”

Angekommen in Niederösterreich

Zwei niederösterreichische Literaturzeitschriften haben in den vergangenen Wochen Prosa von Gerald Jatzek vorgestellt. Das Podium widmet die Nummer 203/204 dem Neustart. Neben der naheliegenden Interpretation nach zwei Jahren Einschränkungen durch die Pandemie finden sich etwa Texte über eine erschwerte berufliche Neuorientierung (Thomas Northoff) und eine Interpretation der Welt, die zunehmend aus der Zeit fällt. KatjaContinue reading “Angekommen in Niederösterreich”

Kinderlyrik anno 2022

Wodurch zeichnet sich Kinderlyrik aus? Welche Erscheinungsformen gibt es? Worin bestehen Gemeinsamkeiten mit und Unterschiede zur Lyrik für Erwachsene? Inwiefern fördert sie den spielerischen Umgang mit Sprache? Die Jubiläumsausgabe der Zeitschrift Allmende stellt aktuelle Positionen aus der Forschung sowie aus dem Literaturbetrieb vor und beleuchtet die sprachliche und gestalterische Vielfalt der Kinderlyrik. Die von KimContinue reading “Kinderlyrik anno 2022”

Inspired by Leonard Cohen

When it comes to David L. O’Nan, a lot of people know what he is doing, while it is difficult to imagine, how he finds the time and the energy for all these activities. He is a poet and a writer of stories whose works have been published in books and literary magazines. Together withContinue reading “Inspired by Leonard Cohen”