Yesterday’s News

Sometimes yesterday’s news can be quite exciting. While searching for children’s songs I stumbled over the recordings of an excellent choir from Germany. I checked their playlist – and found one of my poems that has been set to music by the composer Claudia Nicolai. Of course, I knew the song. But I had neverContinue reading “Yesterday’s News”

Future Art

Kunstraum Reuter in Berlin not only organized an exhibition; they also produced a calendar with works of 176 artists from all over the place. This means that you can remember the future (the theme of the call) the whole year 2022. We are happy to be part of the publication with our combination of watercolorContinue reading “Future Art”

Preis für Gabriele Müller

Der diesjährige Literaturpreis Fit for Life wurde im Rahmen einer Veranstaltung an der Sigmund Freud Privatuniversität an Gabriele Müller vergeben. Mit dem Preis wird die künstlerische Auseinandersetzung mit den Themen Sucht und Abhängigkeit gewürdigt. Die Autorin überzeugte die Fachjury (Margit Niederhuber, Manfred Chobot, Gerhard Ruiss) mit der Kurzgeschichte Emil, die mit surrealen Bildern Innen- und AußenweltContinue reading “Preis für Gabriele Müller”

A Little History

What is Mail Art? (1) So, you want to learn about mail art history. Here are two starting points: Angie Kordic’ story How Did Mail Art Develop into a Global Art Movement? (Widewalls) regards the mail art movement “as the anticipator of the cyber communities founded on the Internet today because of its spirit andContinue reading “A Little History”

Haiku, bibliophil

Eine bibliophile Anthologie hat Ingo Cesaro herausgebracht: 372 Haiku , die mit Bleilettern gesetzt, auf Werkdruckpapier gedruckt und mit japanischer Blockheftung per Hand gebunden wurden. Es ist schön, in einem Band mit Kolleginnen wie Klara Hurkova und Barbara Zeizinger vertreten zu sein. Ingo Cesaro: Säe Hoffnung aus, Neue Cranach Presse, Kronach 2021.Bestellungen beim Verlag. DerContinue reading “Haiku, bibliophil”

From a Torn Poster…

Fevers of the Mind is an online magazine and an edition that publishes poetry books. You may have heard about the anthologies Fevers of the Mind 5: Overcome (2021), The Poets of 2020 (2021) and Avalanches in Poetry  (poetry inspired by Leonard Cohen, 2019). Recently, editor David L. O’Nan made an Interview with Gerald JatzekContinue reading “From a Torn Poster…”

Fascinating Cooperations

Sharon Silverman is an artist and an art instructor. She regularly combines forces with other visual artists to produce books that show art in conversation. In these volumes she responds to works of other artists, an approach that gives the reader / viewer the opportunity to understand her analysis of the works in a direct,Continue reading “Fascinating Cooperations”

Music in Agia Galini

Οnce again in Agia Galini, Crete, the place where you may achieve a state of tranquility (γαλήνη). That doesn’t necessarily mean you stay silent all the time. Gerald played the guitar and the piccolo mandolin at Zorbas Cafe And Wine Bar.Why this really tiny mandolin? Because airlines nowadays tend to charge a fortune for transportingContinue reading “Music in Agia Galini”

Art in the Window

Morice Marcuse is the organizer of a mailart exhibition in shopping windows (l’arte va in vetrina) in the Italian town of Carrara under the title Love – Freedom – Solidarity. He invited artists from all over the place to reflect on the theme contextualizing it in their socio-geographical framework We contributed our joint solution TheContinue reading “Art in the Window”


Zwischen 3. und 16. August 2021 fand die erste Mail-Art-Ausstellung auf Naxos statt. Beim Resist Mail Art Festival auf der griechischen Insel konnte man nicht nur Bilder anschauen, man konnte bei Workshops auch selbst tätig werden. Abgerundet wurde das Ganze durch Konzerte mit Conteh Dauda, Laurel Kortinas, Thanassis Koutsonas und MC Yinka. Wir waren mitContinue reading “Bild-Gedicht”