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Dadaistic Card

The postcard from the French mail artist Zack leaves much space fore interpretations. E.g., the text on the right side says: 20h combattimento. La théorie du cygne noir. In English: 20:00 fighting. The theory of the black swan. Other crumbs of text refer to a…

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Night Sky

It was a very nice surprise to find a letter from Canada on my return to Vienna. Inside a found a drawing by Awyn in the mail . I looked at it and a poem by Paul Lawrence Dunbar (1872-1906) came into my mind. I…

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Jay Block


Jay Block’s Collage reached Vienna some weeks ago, but it was only after my return from Crete that I found it.

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Jean-Philippe Gini

Lots of Things

Jean-Philippe Gini from Belgium sent a bunch of small things, prints, readymades, stamps, and photocopies from mail art that he has collected. It all arrived in an envelope made from magazine pages, and it wasn’t all that easy to find the least destructive method to…

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Fascinating Cooperations

Sharon Silverman is an artist and an art instructor. She regularly combines forces with other visual artists to produce books that show art in conversation. In these volumes she responds to works of other artists, an approach that gives the reader / viewer the opportunity…

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Calligraphy from France

Richard Baudet sent this wonderful piece of calligraphy & more with stamps from the bureau philatelique. As he states, “this is mailart, not art by mail“. Merci bien!

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No Headaches!

This is a very nice confirmation mail from CEPAG in Belgium. They are working on an exhibition with titled Words against system headaches / Words for new utopias. Update 12/2021: The exhibition has been delayed until 2022.

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Music from Norway

Gunn Nordheim Morstøl sent a very nice letter and and a collage that includes a guitar player. I wish I still had hair that long and full…

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From Russia With Stamps

Russia may as well be a synonym for poetry: Pushkin, Yesenin, Mayakovsky, Akhmatova, Mandelstam, Blok… Not all of them fall into the category great Russian soul. Vladimir Maykovsky, for instance, says in his epitaph for Sergei Esenin who commited suicide in the hotel Angleterre, writing…

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a photo collage by Anna Krieps

Very Nice Feedback

The people behind the call Send me Your Light didn’t simply acknowledge our contribution. Anna Krieps sent us a thank-you note in the form of a photo collage. The number of the stamp says that this is mail art piece #567 in 2021! Now, that’s…

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Stamps from the States

We received a couple of his stamps from Thomas Brown. We especially like this one. It has a touch of DADA to it, don’t you think so.

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“Mail art is a movement based on the principle of sending small scale works through the postal service.”

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