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Death of a Factory

Raphael Nadolny sent a triptych of photos of the old vodka factory Koneser which means connoisseur in English in the Warsaw district of Old Praga.  The industrial complex was built around…

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Finnish Puzzles

Atte Ourie from Helsinki is known for his enigmatic works. The two cards he sent to Vienna are no exception. Maybe they show a pirate’s treasure map which you can’t…

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A Card from Down Under

A beautiful card from Tasmania reached us last week. You can see the appropriate title on the left side: Pamela Parks’ collage has traveled 16,216.34 km (10,076.36 mi) in one month to…

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By Chance

Melanie Reed from Seattle loves to produce hand-crafted media that reveals the three-dimensional process of its creation. Her excellent paper collages Meeting of Minds and Ship of State II reached me, while…

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Austrian Post


Die Österreichische Post ist das größte Logistik- und Postunternehmen des Landes und das einzige, das Briefe und Karten zustellt. Umso wichtiger wäre strikte Neutralität in Hinsicht auf die beförderten Objekte.…

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Gerald Jatzek Poem

Political Art

Words against system’s headaches/ Words for new utopia is the title of an exhibition in Namur. The show was curated by Laurent Wilmet and Anne Gilis for the the Belgian…

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Exchange of Trees

The International Union of Mail-Artists (IUOMA) hosts nearly 400 special interest groups on its server. One of our favorites is devoted to the art of trees. The description reads: “Without…

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Mail Art in the Cloister

The barn of the cloister in Zehdenick (Brandenburg, Germany) is a well known location for concerts, poetry readings and art workshops. June 12 has seen the opening of a museum…

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A Short Introduction

What is Mail Art? (3) This video offers a brief introduction to Mail Art as a form of art that defies the global art market: See also: To learn more about this brainchild of Dada…

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Zwei Veröffentlichungen

Zwei Veröffentlichungen sind in diesem Juli zu melden: Die renommierte Literaturzeitschrift erostepost druckte in der Nummer 63 gleich zwei Kurzgeschichten von Gabriele ab: Dmytro: ein zeitnah beschriebener Aufbruch zur Flucht.…

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Skurrile Geschichten

Die AG Offene Literatur gibt es seit 1996, und in der Zeit hat sie sich als zentrale literarische Vereinigung in Westösterreich etabliert. Im Gegensatz zum andernorts gepflegten Geniekult hat sie…

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Helping Brautigan out

Richard Brautigan’s poetry was anything but academic. When he was not trying to write koan-like lines – “I learned Buddhism by watching”, he reported – he was always good for…

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