Chaos & More

We prepared three objects for Jean-Philippe Gini in Belgium. He should have already received them. The title of Gabriele’s watercolor painting that you see on this page is chaos. Gerald added one of his pangolin postcards and a poem about a fantasy animal, surrounded by…

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Future Art

Kunstraum Reuter in Berlin not only organized an exhibition; they also produced a calendar with works of 176 artists from all over the place. This means that you can remember the future (the theme of the call) the whole year 2022. We are happy to…

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Art in the Window

Morice Marcuse is the organizer of a mailart exhibition in shopping windows (l’arte va in vetrina) in the Italian town of Carrara under the title Love – Freedom – Solidarity. He invited artists from all over the place to reflect on the theme contextualizing it…

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Add & Pass: This Flight

Here are three some details of an add&pass project that was started by Keith S. Chambers (USA). The other participants are Margaret Jeddry (Canada), Gerald Jatzek (Austria), Luís Filipe Gomes (Portugal) and Gabriele Müller (Austria).

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Zwischen 3. und 16. August 2021 fand die erste Mail-Art-Ausstellung auf Naxos statt. Beim Resist Mail Art Festival auf der griechischen Insel konnte man nicht nur Bilder anschauen, man konnte bei Workshops auch selbst tätig werden. Abgerundet wurde das Ganze durch Konzerte mit Conteh Dauda,…

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Mythological Creature

The Chimaera (Χίμαιρα) was an ancient Greek monster. According to mythology it consists of a lion with a goat’s head on its back and a tail in the form of a snake.Similar creatures existed in the beliefs other civilizations as well, e.g. the Indus people…

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Flowers by Gabriele Müller

Eastbound Flowers

Beautiful flowers are the subject of the Renoca Lobo Art Gallery’s call for mail art. Well, since Vincent van Gogh’s sunflowers every artist has drawn or painted flowers at some point of his career. The gallery on the Philippines will receive tons of cards and…

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Music in Prison

Love, Freedom, Solidarity is the theme of an exhibition Carrara. The town in northern Italy is known for its wonderful marble – and its revolutionary traditions since the 1890s.  In 1968 Carrara saw the foundation of the International Federation of Anarchists (IFA). Our contribution consists of Gabriele’s…

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Send in the Dolphins

Send me your light will be the title of an exhibition in Berlin’s Kunstraum Reuter in autumn 2021. We sent a combination of watercolor & text in the form of a haiku. The work takes the point of of sea creatures that are able to…

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A Palimpsest

A palimpsest is a manuscript page, from which the original text has been scraped or washed off, so that the page could be reused for another document. We used the form for a combination of watercolor and ink with asemic writing; i.e., without semantic content.…

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A Baby’s Wheels

“Art is the most beautiful answer to the questions of the world”, says Ervin Zsubori, who is the driving force behind Arnolfini’s Archives. The Hungarian art project specializes in small-scale e-mail art. 600×600 px is all the space you get to make your contribution to…

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The Medieval Presence

The corona pandemic has revealed the actual dimension of irrationality in our, well, modern societies.  Be it the believers of the theory that Bill Gates has caused COVID, be it president Trump who suggested injecting disinfectant as a treatment, the medieval times and their beliefs seem…

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Byvinsky2002 – P.D.

“Mail art  is a democratic idea that anyone can give and receive art.”

Robert C. Morgan
December 2021

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