Poetry Walls

A month ago, the mail poetry exhibition in the former prison of Avellino closed its doors. (Though, you can still visit the collection on facebook.) The show featured texts from international writers as well as poetic statements by Italian children. When organizer Graziella Di Grezia raised an artistic call for poetry on postcards, she wasContinue reading “Poetry Walls”

Mit Liebe gemacht

Ingo Cesaro ist nicht nur Autor zahlreicher Werke. Er gestaltet und druckt auch Bücher, und die gehören zu den schönsten im deutschen Sprachraum. Vergangenes Jahr initiierte er ein Mail-Art-Projekt mit dem doppeltem Thema: 510 Postkarten trafen in Kronach ein. Während Cranach d. Ä. weltweit als künstlerische Herausforderung angenommen wurde, zeigte sich, dass das Septembertestament (der Urdruck von Luthers ÜbersetzungContinue reading “Mit Liebe gemacht”

Bella Ciao!

There are two Italian songs that everybody knows: O Sole Mio and Bella Ciao, the latter being an anthem of resistance against Italian fascism and German nazism. This makes it a fitting title for a cultural program around the festa della liberazione, the anniversary of Italy’s liberation on 25 April 1945. This year, the city of Stradella, which liesContinue reading “Bella Ciao!”

Luther und Cranach

Ingo Cesaro ist Autor, Herausgeber, Verleger, Drucker, Galerist sowie Organisator von Kunstmessen, Ausstellungen, Lesungen und Konzerten. Vergangenes Jahr organisierte er ein internationales Projekt zum Septembertestament Martin Luthers, der am 21. September 1522 erschienenen Übertragung von Das Newe Testament Deùtzsch. Getarnt als Junker Jörg verwendete Luther vor 500 Jahren als Quellen neben dem griechischen Text dieContinue reading “Luther und Cranach”


The 15th edition of the mail art exhibition esserci senza esserci (one translation of the ambiguous expression would be to be around without being around) took place in the Italian town of Viareggio. As usual, the opening was quite a spectacle with performances, a poetry reading and and lots of music. The organizers integrated theContinue reading “Esserci…”

Cabaret: 90 Years after

“Life is a cabaret.” Everybody knows this line from the song which has been recorded by the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Liza Minnelli, Brenda Lee and Frankie Vaughn: “What good is sitting alone in your room?Come hear the music play.Life is a cabaret, old chum.Come to the Cabaret.” The musical Cabaret is setContinue reading “Cabaret: 90 Years after”

Air in Asturias

The city of Avilés in Spain invited creatives from around the world to participate in the VI International Avilés Mail Art Exhibition, themed El Aire (the air). The exhibition in the Palacio de Valdecarzana features works by artists from 42 nations. It closes on January 14th. In cooperation with the city’s Department of Culture, theContinue reading “Air in Asturias”

Future Art

Kunstraum Reuter in Berlin not only organized an exhibition, curated by Lutz Anders; they also produced a calendar with works of 176 artists from all over the place. This means that you can remember the future (the theme of the call) the whole year 2022. Part of the publication is a combination of watercolor &Continue reading “Future Art”

A Little History

What is Mail Art? (1) So, you want to learn about mail art history. Here are two starting points: Angie Kordic’ story How Did Mail Art Develop into a Global Art Movement? (Widewalls) regards the mail art movement “as the anticipator of the cyber communities founded on the Internet today because of its spirit andContinue reading “A Little History”

Traveling Exhibition

Finally, the “Post” Pandemic Mail Art Exhibit has come to Europe. The works of artists from 22 countries form a street art exhibition in Aiud, Romania. Among the exhibits is Gerald’s satirical take on the return of medieval views on the world. The cross-continental art exchange has been organized by the Inter-Art Foundation of theContinue reading “Traveling Exhibition”

Art in the Window

Morice Marcuse is the organizer of a mailart exhibition in shopping windows (l’arte va in vetrina) in the Italian town of Carrara under the title Love – Freedom – Solidarity. He invited artists from all over the place to reflect on the theme contextualizing it in their socio-geographical framework. Gabriele and Gerald contributed the jointContinue reading “Art in the Window”


Zwischen 3. und 16. August 2021 fand die erste Mail-Art-Ausstellung auf Naxos statt. Beim Resist Mail Art Festival auf der griechischen Insel konnte man nicht nur Bilder anschauen, man konnte bei Workshops auch selbst tätig werden. Abgerundet wurde das Ganze durch Konzerte mit Conteh Dauda, Laurel Kortinas, Thanassis Koutsonas und MC Yinka. Gabriele und GeraldContinue reading “Bild-Gedicht”