Exchange of Trees

The International Union of Mail-Artists (IUOMA) hosts nearly 400 special interest groups on its server. One of our favorites is devoted to the art of trees. The description reads: “Without trees the world would be dead and a place of disaster. With trees the world can tackle global warming. Hug a tree and you hugContinue reading “Exchange of Trees”

Supplement to 2021

Sometimes things disappear on hard disks. Eventually, they turn up again. This happened to two works of Felipe Lamadrid which reached Austria in June 2021. They were scanned, they were prepared for publication – and then they somehow slipped into the wrong folder. They reappeared a few days ago, and therefore they can finally beContinue reading “Supplement to 2021”

Mit Leidenschaft

Den Thomas Nemec kenne ich seit, also das ist gar nicht mehr wahr, wie man in Wien sagt. Getroffen haben wir uns in einem wunderbaren, unterirdischen Etablissement namens Club Hoffnungslos. Das war ein selbstverwaltetes Refugium in der damaligen Ödnis Floridsdorfs, das auch Leute aus der Umgebung anzog, weil in der Brigittenau und der Donaustadt damalsContinue reading “Mit Leidenschaft”