Exchange of Trees

The International Union of Mail-Artists (IUOMA) hosts nearly 400 special interest groups on its server. One of our favorites is devoted to the art of trees. The description reads:

“Without trees the world would be dead and a place of disaster. With trees the world can tackle global warming. Hug a tree and you hug the earth, you hug yourself and your neighbors. Without trees, no love!”

Spruce in Salzburg by Georg Pflugbeil – CC 3.0

One of the members is a US-based artist who calls herself Oak Lady. She sent a very nice card with a hand-colored print and wanted to know which is the dominant tree in Austria. We did some research, and that’s the result:

  1. spruce (49%)
  2. European beech
  3. larch
  4. whitebark pine
  5. fir

Gerald answered with a photograph from Styria and a poem about the mycelium which can be seen as an invisible network connecting the trees of the forest.

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artist, musician, write & traveler

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