Possibilities of the Body

How do we use our bodies to work, to perform, to create, to play, to compete, to unwind, to care for others, to build, to communicate, to hike, or to accomplish any of the tasks we confront in everyday life? How do we use our elbows, our feet, our hands, our torso, our ankles, our legs, or any other part of our bodies to do those things?

In the anthology Movements – Our Bodies in Action authors and poets worldwide place the focus on how their bodies work and observe how the bodies of those around them also work. This is a deluxe owners manual in prose and poetry for anyone who has a body.

Gerald Jatzek contributed a poem about the fast growing possibilities of powered exoskeletons that can take over large parts of the active muscle work for handicapped persons.

Steve Carr (Ed.): Movements – Our Bodies in Action,  Paperback / Kindle eBook, Sweetycat Press, Richmond, Va., USA, 360 p., ISBN-13 979-8809991940

(Illustrations: book cover, Prettysleepy2 / pixabay.com)

Published by Marius van der Graaf

artist, musician, write & traveler

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