Mail Art in the Cloister

The barn of the cloister in Zehdenick (Brandenburg, Germany) is a well known location for concerts, poetry readings and art workshops. June 12 has seen the opening of a museum about the cloister as well as a mail art show.

The cloister was founded in 1250 as a Cistercian nunnery. It became protestant in the 16th Century, and after a devastating fire in 1801, the church was torn down.

The barn, a former pilgrims’ hostel, was rebuilt to serve as a venue for cultural events. The Cloister Gallery inside the barn opened its doors on April 1, 2000.

The curator of the mail art exhibition, Christian Spunk Seipel, asked for personal reflections on the history of the building and its inhabitants and guests.

Gerald’s collage is about the contrast between our short life span an the existence of stones.

Gabriele’s painting contemplation reflects the impression of light shining through church windows.

Published by Marius van der Graaf

artist, musician, write & traveler

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