Recently, two of Gerald’s texts were published nearly simultaneously in Austria and the US.

The literature magazine Book of Matches has included the poem Farewell Song in its spring issue (no. 5). It features prominently as the last text of the publication.

The first issue was published in January 2021. The journal is edited by two accomplished writers, Kelli Allen and Nicholas Christian. This is how they describe their project:

“Book of Matches is the passion project of two lovers of story. In an age dominated by our worst tendencies for tribalism, it is more important than ever to celebrate the best in humanity through the very real magic of words. (…)
In essence, Book of Matches both celebrates what burns against the dark, and the assurance of how little it illuminates before going out.”

The beautiful cover of this issue is a work of Jennifer M. Griggs.

A free version is available as a flip book.

Elliot Brady Kopie Aaron Fischer, Adam DH, Anna Shannon, Anne Evans, Anthony, Anthony Isaac Bradley, Anthony Seidman, Autumn Kotsiuba, Bobby Parrott, Sara J Burge, C. Cimmone, Cameron Morse, Carolyn Steinhoff, Christian Anton Gerard, Clifford Saunders, David Borofka, David Dixon, Edward Sheehy, Elizabeth Kerlikowske, Francis Fernandes, Frank Baez, Gerald Jatzek, Gregg Shapiro, Gregg Williard, Gwen North Reiss, Howie Good, Ian Ganassi, Ivan Peledov, J Tarwood, David L James, Jan Ball, Jason, Jason Kerzinski, Kevin Browne, Jeff Newberry, Jeffrey Feingold, Jeni Crone Griffin, John Kucera, John Sullivan, John Rodzvilla, Joshua Mahler, Justin Lacour, Kelly Bridget Canaday, Kerry Muir, Kevin Miller, Kristyn Snedden, Laura Glenn, Lisa Zimmerman, Logan Andrus, Lorette C. Luzajic, Madeleine Gallo, Marc Swan, Edward McCourt, Michael Meyerhofer, Miles Waggener, Nadine, Nicholas Christian, Pamela Kripke, Paul Ilechko, Project Murphy, R.T. Castleberry, Ralph Sneeden, Rita Redd, Robert Gamble, Roxanne Cardona, Stephen Kampa, Stout Bear, Suzanne Dottino, Terry Belew, Tim Conley, Tim Kahl, Vanessa Bradley, Vivian Wagner, Zebulon Huset


The Austrian publication Litera[r]t has published the short story Der Verlierer (the loser) in its number 12 (3-4/2022). The text about a man who wakes up and has lost his existence is part of a collection of dreamlike stories that are likewise influenced by a surrealist approach and the love for storytelling throughout the Balkans.

Editor Raimund Bahr of the AG Literatur has included the story in the online edition.

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