Dada is alive

Kirill's war

Last year dadaStation21 from Austin, Texas, was looking for mail art postcards without a specific theme or motto.

However, the word dada provided enough inspiration. Hundred years ago, the European avant-garde took a firm stance against imperialism and chauvinism: John Heartfield’s Prussian Archangel, a dummy of a German soldier with a pig’s head that hung from the ceiling, was the central installation at the International Dada Fair in 1920.

Gerald’s collage tackles imperialism and its supporters today. February 24, 2023, marks the anniversary of the Russian invasion in Ukraine, which is heavily supported by the Russian Orthodox Church. Patriarch Kirill of Moscow has been a staunch ally of president Putin for many years.

The phrases to the left and right of the primate’s head mock the pathetic language of both the state and the church. (The final statement is a homage to the French artist Marcel Duchamp aka Selavie Rrose.)

dadaStation21 provides a virtual exhibition on YouTube.

Published by Marius van der Graaf

artist, musician, write & traveler

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