Political Art

Gerald Jatzek Poem

Words against system’s headaches/ Words for new utopia is the title of an exhibition in Namur. The show was curated by Laurent Wilmet and Anne Gilis for the the Belgian educational movement CEPAG.

They state:

“Indeed, words are not innocent. Words are not neutral, they are socially situated and criticism of their use, of their meaning should be part of the political struggle.”

Gerald’s Poem

Gerald uses Brecht’s alienation effect when he lets the COVID-19 virus and the census discuss the effects of the disease on different social groups.

Both of them show not interest in the fate of humans. Yet, the reader is compelled to realize that health is a class-specific asset …

The Exhibition

Des mots pour d’autres, mots d’ailes de société et des mots contre les maux du système
Abattoirs of Bomel, Traverse des Muses, 18
5000 Namur, Belgique
Open from 14th till 18th of September from 14 to 18:00

The Catalog

Published by Gerald Jatzek

Gerald is a poet and musician who writes in German and English . He has published books for children and adults. He has played in quite some countries, including Italy, Greece, and Hong Kong. 2001 he received the Austrian State Prize for Children’s Poetry.

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