“Music is your special friend…”

…sang Jim Morrison in 1967. And while the music is over for the legendary frontman of the Doors, the sentence still holds true for many people. What this friend can do for you, is the theme of an anthology, edited by the US-based author Steve Carr.

From heartbeat to drumbeat, from birdsong to crooners from yesteryear, from piano keys to the strings of a sitar. In Stories & Poems in the Song of Life, 175 authors and poets worldwide explore the theme of music, from the melodious sounds of nature to the world of hard pounding rock and roll. Fiction is mixed with non-fiction as writers and poets take you on their musical journeys, imagined and real.

The song of life is our own unique tune – the essence of who we are – composed while listening to the music that surrounds us, in one form or another, from the time we are born to the time of our death.

Feel free to hum along as you read this incredible one-of-a-kind collection.

Some of the poems:

Composition by Gail Constable
Unfortunate Strings by J.S. Mannino
Reaching Places by Stephen Kingsnorth
Street Corner Jam by Ed Ahern
Granddaddy’s Song by Richard Doiron
To Paint a Tune by Lynn White
The Morning, Dim; It Chills But Not the Soul by David G. Harms
Lady Day and Prez by Henry Wolstat
I Am Time by Don Edwards
Shimmering by Joan McNerney
Up She Rises by Rachel R. Baum
The Cellist by Shirani Rajapakse
Don’t Stop by Afrose Saad
That Fleeting Moment by DJ Elton
Song of Nature by Christian Ward
Music by John David Meadows
Songs of Yesteryear by Dennis Brown
Pennies From Heaven by Gerald Jatzek

Steve Carr (ed.): Stories & Poems in the Song of Life, Paperback, Sweetycat Press, Richmond, Va., USA, 425 pages (also available as Kindle eBook, $4.99)

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artist, musician, write & traveler

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