Children in the World

Yesterday saw the opening of the mail art exhibition Bambini nel mondo – Children in the World curated by Renata di Palma with works of 57 artists.

Part of the event was a presentation of Daniela Minerbi’s fable Gino e Margherita by the artist Sarah Mutinelli.

The show runs from 1 to 26 June in the gallery Kunst Grenzen / Arte di Frontera in the municipality Roveré della Luna in Trentino (Italy).

Those of you who can’t travel to Italy, may want to visit the online exhibition at the website of the gallery.


On Sunday, 26 June, at 7 pm, the decentralized world congress Mail Art Wave will hold one of its events.

The initiative engages in fighting hate campaigns, the emergence of narrow nationalism and all forms of racism and attacks on democracy.

Gabriele Müller: Bambini


by Gabriele Müller & Gerald Jatzek
Gerald Jatzek & Gabriele Müller: Looking back… ( watercolor, photo, collage)

Kunst Grenzen / Arte di Frontera

Comune di Roverè della Luna


La mostra d’arte postale collettiva Bambini nel mondo – Children in the World fu realizzata in collaborazione con Comune e Pro Loco di Rovere della Luna, Cassa Rurale Rotaliana e Giovo, Associazione culturale Kunst Grenzen-Arte di frontiera aps, Event Art, Rivista di Arte Trentina e RMT – Radio Music Trento.

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