Back in 2020, when we were confronted with COVID-19 for the first time, most of us were confused and scared. Although we tried to – and most of us did – to approach the pandemic in a rational way, we harbored all kinds of fears related to the virus.

The Alianza Cultural para las Artes de Puerto Rico reminded us that repressing these fears might damage our health as well. They asked us to look closely at the demons that haunt us and to transform what we see into a tangible medium.

As a result of the call, the Alianza Cultural and its president Juanita Cruz-Aguadilla (s. video) collected mail art from 32 countries and compiled them for an exhibition which has been shown at three venues:

  • Museo de Arte de Aguadilla, 2020
  • Museo de Historia de Ponce, 2021
  • Sala de exposiciones Pedro Tomás Labayen, San Sebastián, 2022

Gabriele Müller’s demonio is still carrying a black shadow of fear on his back. However, he has been painted and spoken of and therefore has lost his grip on us.

Published by Marius van der Graaf

artist, musician, write & traveler

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