Inspired by Leonard Cohen

When it comes to David L. O’Nan, a lot of people know what he is doing, while it is difficult to imagine, how he finds the time and the energy for all these activities. He is a poet and a writer of stories whose works have been published in books and literary magazines. Together with his wife HilLesha he is an avid collector and editor of poetry from all over the world. He runs a blog with articles about writing, music and art, maintains a Facebook presence and is active on twitter.

Right now, David and HilLesha have brought out an international 140-pages anthology with writings inspired by Leonard Cohen (1934-2016).  Among the contributors are Kat Blair, Elizabeth Cusack, Peter Hague, Gerald Jatzek,  Benjamin Adair Murphy, PS Pirro, Shane Schick, Samantha Terrell, and Arthur L Wood, to name just a few. They come from England, Ireland, Austria, New Zealand, Scotland, the USA, and, of course, Canada.

Interestingly, the majority of the texts are inspired by Cohen’s songs rather than his poetry or his novels. While the connections to the work of the Canadian poet are obvious in many contributions, there are some that start off with one of his metaphors but into something unexpected.

The anthology is available in print or as an e-book through Amazon.

David & HilLesha O’Nan (Eds ): Before I Turn Into Gold: Writings And Art Inspired By Leonard Cohen, illustrations by Geoffrey Wren, Fevers of the Mind Press, Evansville, IN, USA 2022, ISBN-13: 979-8418312587

[llustrations on this page by Geoffrey Wren]

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