Spanish Avant-Garde

Procedimentum, Victor Nubla, Gerald Jatzek's hommage

The Revista-Fanzine Procedimentum is an annual magazine with contributions in Spanish and English that combines in-depth articles about experimental and avant-garde music with mail art and links to sound and music archives. The 6th edition is dedicated to the oeuvre of Víctor Nubla (1956-2020), composer, musician, writer and visual artist from Barcelona. Nubla is known for the foundation of the Laboratorio de Música Desconocida (Laboratory of Unknown Music), the experimental project Macromassa (with Juan Crek, 1976) and the festival LEM (1994).

The publication, which is edited by Pedro Pablo Gallardo, features articles about Nubla and his works, discographies of his various projects and groups, a bibliography and links. The second part consists of mail art works and sound/video installations with references to Nubla’s compositions, improvisations and writings by artists from around the globe.

The photos show (clockwise): the magazine cover; Victor Nubla; the collage “The Voice of Ancient Travellers” by Gerald Jatzek. You can listen to Nubla’s piece by clicking on the video below.

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