Yesterday’s News

Alle Lieder sind schon da

Sometimes yesterday’s news can be quite exciting. While searching for children’s songs I stumbled over the recordings of an excellent choir from Germany. I checked their playlist – and found one of my poems that has been set to music by the composer Claudia Nicolai.

Of course, I knew the song. But I had never heard it performed by the Rundfunk-Kinderchor Berlin, although the video dates from 2016. The song is part of a collection of 53 songs on 3 CDs with the title Alle Lieder sind schon da (all the songs are already here). An optional book with scores, chords and lyrics is also part of the project.

Published by Gerald Jatzek

Gerald is a poet and musician who writes in German and English . He has published books for children and adults. He has played in quite some countries, including Italy, Greece, and Hong Kong. 2001 he received the Austrian State Prize for Children’s Poetry.

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