From a Torn Poster…


Fevers of the Mind is an online magazine and an edition that publishes poetry books. You may have heard about the anthologies Fevers of the Mind 5: Overcome (2021), The Poets of 2020 (2021) and Avalanches in Poetry  (poetry inspired by Leonard Cohen, 2019).

Recently, editor David L. O’Nan made an Interview with Gerald Jatzek covering themes like literary influences, social background, the pivotal moment when you decide to become a writer, and travels:

“Traveling was especially important when I was young and felt like suffocating in the conservative Viennese atmosphere where the elders suffered from amnesia regarding the atrocities of the Nazi era.”

“Sometimes, I overhear a half-sentence from a conversation on the street, or I read a line from a torn poster, and it’s a powerful writing prompt.”

You can read the interview online here.

(Photo: MarcusObal – CC 3.0)

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