Music in Agia Galini

Οnce again in Agia Galini, Crete, the place where you may achieve a state of tranquility (γαλήνη). That doesn’t necessarily mean you stay silent all the time. Gerald played the guitar and the piccolo mandolin at Zorbas Cafe And Wine Bar.
Why this really tiny mandolin? Because airlines nowadays tend to charge a fortune for transporting instruments. Some won’t even accept a guitar as part of your checked baggage allowance (thanks, Austrian Airlines).
Anyway, the piccolo – built by Paul Hathway, London – proofed to be handy and versatile, even though it’s sometimes a little tedious to transpose songs on the fly (from G3-D4-A4-E5 to C4-G4-D5-A5).

Published by Gerald Jatzek

Gerald is a poet and musician who writes in German and English . He has published books for children and adults. He has played in quite some countries, including Italy, Greece, and Hong Kong. 2001 he received the Austrian State Prize for Children’s Poetry.

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