Arte rupestre en el Perú

El libro Chumbivilcas – arte rupestre y paisajes sagrados del autor Rainer Hostnig llena un vacío en la investigación arqueológica no sólo en el Perú. Por su difícil acceso y la carencia de obras monumentales de la época incaica, el patrimonio arqueológico de la región no fue objeto de excavaciones o iniciativas de protección hastaContinue reading “Arte rupestre en el Perú”

Procedimentum, Victor Nubla, Gerald Jatzek's hommage

Spanish Avant-Garde

The Revista-Fanzine Procedimentum is an annual magazine with contributions in Spanish and English that combines in-depth articles about experimental and avant-garde music with mail art and links to sound and music archives. The 6th edition is dedicated to the oeuvre of Víctor Nubla (1956-2020), composer, musician, writer and visual artist from Barcelona. Nubla is knownContinue reading “Spanish Avant-Garde”

Dadaistic Card

The postcard from the French mail artist Zack leaves much space fore interpretations. E.g., the text on the right side says: 20h combattimento. La théorie du cygne noir. In English: 20:00 fighting. The theory of the black swan. Other crumbs of text refer to a young conductor and to the story of Tristan and IseultContinue reading “Dadaistic Card”

Air in Asturias

The city of Avilés in Spain invited creatives from around the world to participate in the VI International Avilés Mail Art Exhibition, themed El Aire (the air). The exhibition in the Palacio de Valdecarzana features works by artists from 42 nations. It closes on January 14th. In cooperation with the city’s Department of Culture, theContinue reading “Air in Asturias”

Looking Back

2021 was, once again, special, insofar as Austria had two covid lockdowns. Hence, a lot of public cultural activities were cancelled. Gerald played a few concerts and held some readings, and they had one opportunity to join forces, with Gabriele reading and Gerald on guitar, mandolin and harps. A highlight was without a doubt Gabriele’sContinue reading “Looking Back”

Spanish Entrance

Arnolfini Mini[e]MailArt is a Hungarian initiative that has been collecting digital mail art since 2008. The current exhibition no.57 is dedicated to doorways. It features – among others – works by Reid Wood (USA), Gülşah Özdemir (Turkey), and Gerald Jatzek (from left to right). Gerald’s Porta Granadina is based on a photo that he madeContinue reading “Spanish Entrance”

Poesiebrifkasten und Kalender


Jeden Monat wählt die Münchner Initiative Poesiepostkasten ein Gedicht aus, das in einem Schaufenster der Stadtbibliothek Gasteig ausgestellt wird. Zusätzlich erscheint am Ende des Jahres ein Kalender mit den prämierten Beiträgen. Geralds Gedicht Die Zeit war das Gedicht des Monats im Jänner 2021 und ist im Kalender für 2022 enthalten. Den gibt es in derContinue reading “Poesie-Kalender”

Alle Lieder sind schon da

Yesterday’s News

Sometimes yesterday’s news can be quite exciting. While searching for children’s songs I stumbled over the recordings of an excellent choir from Germany. I checked their playlist – and found one of my poems that has been set to music by the composer Claudia Nicolai. Of course, I knew the song. But I had neverContinue reading “Yesterday’s News”

Night Sky

It was a very nice surprise to find a letter from Canada on my return to Vienna. Inside a found a drawing by Awyn in the mail . I looked at it and a poem by Paul Lawrence Dunbar (1872-1906) came into my mind. I only had a vague memory of the text, but whenContinue reading “Night Sky”

Chaos & More

We prepared three objects for Jean-Philippe Gini in Belgium. He should have already received them. The title of Gabriele’s watercolor painting that you see on this page is chaos. Gerald added one of his pangolin postcards and a poem about a fantasy animal, surrounded by a drawing (or the other way round, who knows).

Säe Hoffnung (Cover)

Haiku, bibliophil

Eine bibliophile Anthologie hat Ingo Cesaro herausgebracht: 372 Haiku , die mit Bleilettern gesetzt, auf Werkdruckpapier gedruckt und mit japanischer Blockheftung per Hand gebunden wurden. Es ist schön, in einem Band mit Kolleginnen wie Klara Hurkova und Barbara Zeizinger vertreten zu sein. Ingo Cesaro: Säe Hoffnung aus, Neue Cranach Presse, Kronach 2021.Bestellungen beim Verlag. DerContinue reading “Haiku, bibliophil”

Future Art

Kunstraum Reuter in Berlin not only organized an exhibition, curated by Lutz Anders; they also produced a calendar with works of 176 artists from all over the place. This means that you can remember the future (the theme of the call) the whole year 2022. Part of the publication is a combination of watercolor &Continue reading “Future Art”

Jay Block


Jay Block’s Collage reached Vienna some weeks ago, but it was only after my return from Crete that I found it.

Preisverleihung an Gabriele Müller

Preis für Gabriele Müller

Der diesjährige Literaturpreis Fit for Life wurde im Rahmen einer Veranstaltung an der Sigmund Freud Privatuniversität an Gabriele Müller vergeben. Mit dem Preis wird die künstlerische Auseinandersetzung mit den Themen Sucht und Abhängigkeit gewürdigt. Die Autorin überzeugte die Fachjury (Margit Niederhuber, Manfred Chobot, Gerhard Ruiss) mit der Kurzgeschichte Emil, die mit surrealen Bildern Innen- und AußenweltContinue reading “Preis für Gabriele Müller”

Jean-Philippe Gini

Lots of Things

Jean-Philippe Gini from Belgium sent a bunch of small things, prints, readymades, stamps, and photocopies from mail art that he has collected. It all arrived in an envelope made from magazine pages, and it wasn’t all that easy to find the least destructive method to open it. But now it’s all here on the table.

Traveling Exhibition

Finally, the “Post” Pandemic Mail Art Exhibit has come to Europe. The works of artists from 22 countries form a street art exhibition in Aiud, Romania. Among the exhibits is Gerald’s satirical take on the return of medieval views on the world. The cross-continental art exchange has been organized by the Inter-Art Foundation of theContinue reading “Traveling Exhibition”


From a Torn Poster…

Fevers of the Mind is an online magazine and an edition that publishes poetry books. You may have heard about the anthologies Fevers of the Mind 5: Overcome (2021), The Poets of 2020 (2021) and Avalanches in Poetry  (poetry inspired by Leonard Cohen, 2019). Recently, editor David L. O’Nan made an Interview with Gerald JatzekContinue reading “From a Torn Poster…”

Fascinating Cooperations

Sharon Silverman is an artist and an art instructor. She regularly combines forces with other visual artists to produce books that show art in conversation. In these volumes she responds to works of other artists, an approach that gives the reader / viewer the opportunity to understand her analysis of the works in a direct,Continue reading “Fascinating Cooperations”

Music in Agia Galini

Οnce again in Agia Galini, Crete, the place where you may achieve a state of tranquility (γαλήνη). That doesn’t necessarily mean you stay silent all the time. Gerald played the guitar and the piccolo mandolin at Zorbas Cafe And Wine Bar.Why this really tiny mandolin? Because airlines nowadays tend to charge a fortune for transportingContinue reading “Music in Agia Galini”

Art in the Window

Morice Marcuse is the organizer of a mailart exhibition in shopping windows (l’arte va in vetrina) in the Italian town of Carrara under the title Love – Freedom – Solidarity. He invited artists from all over the place to reflect on the theme contextualizing it in their socio-geographical framework Gabriele and Gerald contributed the jointContinue reading “Art in the Window”

Add & Pass: This Flight

Here are three some details of an add&pass project that was started by Keith S. Chambers (USA). The other participants are Margaret Jeddry (Canada), Gerald Jatzek (Austria), Luís Filipe Gomes (Portugal) and Gabriele Müller (Austria).


Zwischen 3. und 16. August 2021 fand die erste Mail-Art-Ausstellung auf Naxos statt. Beim Resist Mail Art Festival auf der griechischen Insel konnte man nicht nur Bilder anschauen, man konnte bei Workshops auch selbst tätig werden. Abgerundet wurde das Ganze durch Konzerte mit Conteh Dauda, Laurel Kortinas, Thanassis Koutsonas und MC Yinka. Gabriele und GeraldContinue reading “Bild-Gedicht”

Calligraphy from France

Richard Baudet sent this wonderful piece of calligraphy & more with stamps from the bureau philatelique. As he states, “this is mailart, not art by mail“. Merci bien!

No Headaches!

This is a very nice confirmation mail from CEPAG in Belgium. They are working on an exhibition with titled Words against system headaches / Words for new utopias. Update 12/2021: The exhibition has been delayed until 2022.

A Great Envelope

Thank you, Sylvia Dubois, for your art and for the fantastic envelope and the photos!

Joint Efforts

On July 18, 2021 Gerald and Gabriele were invited for a concert & poetry reading to the Halme Hof in Rohrendorf. Gerald played a mix of his own songs and international tunes in different languages. Gabriele entertained with her stories about ordinary people — which sometimes tend to be the strangest folks you can imagine.

Music from Norway

Gunn Nordheim Morstøl sent a very nice letter and and a collage that includes a guitar player. I wish I still had hair that long and full…

Being Illegal

On Refugee Day we want to tell you a story in form of a song. On 27 August 2015 Austrian police discovered a truck along the A4 highway in Austria and found 71 deceased illegal migrants, including eight children. All persons had suffocated within hours of boarding. There were no survivors. Years before, Gerald had writtenContinue reading “Being Illegal”

Mythological Creature

The Chimaera (Χίμαιρα) was an ancient Greek monster. According to mythology it consists of a lion with a goat’s head on its back and a tail in the form of a snake.Similar creatures existed in the beliefs other civilizations as well, e.g. the Indus people and Ancient Egypt. Over time the term chimera has comeContinue reading “Mythological Creature”

An Eye for an Eye

Ojo por ojo, or: an eye for an eye was the theme of a mail call by the Spanish artist Felipe Lamadrid. The exhibition in Cádiz in the autonomous community Andalusia features more than 200 works, among them two colored pencil drawings by Gabriele Müller.

Flowers by Gabriele Müller

Eastbound Flowers

Beautiful flowers are the subject of the Renoca Lobo Art Gallery’s call for mail art. Well, since Vincent van Gogh’s sunflowers every artist has drawn or painted flowers at some point of his career. The gallery on the Philippines will receive tons of cards and letters, we suppose. The flowers on Gabriele’s colored pencil drawingContinue reading “Eastbound Flowers”

Music in Prison

Love, Freedom, Solidarity is the theme of an exhibition Carrara. The town in northern Italy is known for its wonderful marble – and its revolutionary traditions since the 1890s.  In 1968 Carrara saw the foundation of the International Federation of Anarchists (IFA). Our contribution consists of Gabriele’s watercolor painting and Gerald’s poem about Greek prisoners that escapeContinue reading “Music in Prison”

From Russia With Stamps

Russia may as well be a synonym for poetry: Pushkin, Yesenin, Mayakovsky, Akhmatova, Mandelstam, Blok… Not all of them fall into the category great Russian soul. Vladimir Maykovsky, for instance, says in his epitaph for Sergei Esenin who commited suicide in the hotel Angleterre, writing his last poem with his own blood: “…maybe, if thereContinue reading “From Russia With Stamps”

a photo collage by Anna Krieps

Very Nice Feedback

The people behind the call Send me Your Light didn’t simply acknowledge our contribution. Anna Krieps sent us a thank-you note in the form of a photo collage. The number of the stamp says that this is mail art piece #567 in 2021! Now, that’s what you call industrious. A big hand for Anna.

Looking Back

The literary association Podium was founded 50 years ago. The anniversary issue of its magazine is devoted to the seventies.

Send in the Dolphins

Send me your light will be the title of an exhibition in Berlin’s Kunstraum Reuter in autumn 2021. The contribution of Gabriele and Gerald is a combination of watercolor & text in the form of a haiku. The work takes the point of sea creatures that are able to dive into the lightless depths ofContinue reading “Send in the Dolphins”

Stamps from the States

We received a couple of his stamps from Thomas Brown. We especially like this one. It has a touch of DADA to it, don’t you think so.

Schubert’s Colors

Coming back to Vienna I found this drawing by Luís Filipe Gomes from Portugal who loves to listen to the music of Franz Schubert. You can see the colors of the Eb major Trio which was first performed in Schubert’s concert  in the hall of the Vienna Musikverein on 26 March 1828.

A Palimpsest

A palimpsest is a manuscript page, from which the original text has been scraped or washed off, so that the page could be reused for another document. Gabriele and Gerald used the form for a combination of watercolor and ink with asemic writing; i.e., without semantic content. You can find examples in works of PaulContinue reading “A Palimpsest”

A Letter from Euskadi

Mikel Untzilla is a very active mail artist. He sent a combination of stamps that characterize the current year. (Let’s hope it will get better.) He maintains a facebook presence with art from all over the place.

A Baby’s Wheels

“Art is the most beautiful answer to the questions of the world”, says Ervin Zsubori, who is the driving force behind Arnolfini’s Archives. The Hungarian art project specializes in small-scale e-mail art. 600×600 px is all the space you get to make your contribution to one of his thematic online exhibitions. Thus, the contributions areContinue reading “A Baby’s Wheels”

The Medieval Presence

The corona pandemic has revealed the actual dimension of irrationality in our, well, modern societies.  Be it the believers of the theory that Bill Gates has caused COVID, be it president Trump who suggested injecting disinfectant as a treatment, the medieval times and their beliefs seem quite near. As the Washington Post put it: No vaccineContinue reading “The Medieval Presence”

Free Birds…

Free as a bird (in Dutch: Vrij als een vogel) ist the title of an exhibition of postcards in The Hague / Den Haag which (hopefully) will take place in autumn 2021. The collaborative work of Gerald an Gabriele consists of a painting and a tongue-in-cheek-poem titled A Rare Song. The second of five printsContinue reading “Free Birds…”


Es gibt jede Menge Gedichte über Katzen, Hunde, Löwen, Kängurus, sogar Flöhe, aber der Baumstachler ist bisher leer ausgegangen. Dabei ist er ein durchaus poetischer Kerl.

Eveline Urban

Virtual Exhibition

Due to corona the exhibition of Gabriele Müller and Eveline Urban in the Gallery Spektakel had to be cancelled. Instead, you can visit a virtual exhibition of their watercolor paintings on YouTube.

Drawing & Writing

The Piccola Galleria Resistente in Naples will show the exhibition Veni Volti Veni for 13 days. Afterwards you will still find the exhibits on Instagram. This is the first exhibition to show one of the cooperative works of Gabriele and Gerald, a combination of a poem and a drawing, version #3 of 3, to beContinue reading “Drawing & Writing”

Viennese Artist

Thomas Nemec, painter and printmaker, started the new year with art prints that he distributed among his friends. Nemec is an established artist and printmaker whose works have been shown in solo exhibitions in a dozen European countries. There is more information about Thomas Nemec in the German Wikipedia.

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