“ “Komm! ins Offene, Freund!” lautet der Beginn eines unvollendeten Gedichts von Friedrich Hölderlin, das – offenbar – auch die Redaktion der Jahresschrift Das Gedicht angeregt hat. Die einflussreichste Lyrikpublikation des deutschen Sprachraums feierte im Herbst 2022 ihren 30. Geburtstag. Das Motto der Jubiläumsausgabe lautet offen. Es gibt nur wenige Wörter im deutschen Sprachschatz, dieContinue reading “Offenheit”

A Travel Journal

In September 2003, Raphael Nadolny traveled from Poland to Slovakia and Ukraine. On the road he wrote a journal with interesting descriptions and reflections and photographs. It contains his thoughts on borders, folk museums, and history that is inscribed in the layout of a town. He mailed a copy of the musings together with aContinue reading “A Travel Journal”


The 15th edition of the mail art exhibition esserci senza esserci (one translation of the ambiguous expression would be to be around without being around) took place in the Italian town of Viareggio. As usual, the opening was quite a spectacle with performances, a poetry reading and and lots of music. The organizers integrated theContinue reading “Esserci…”